Music Editor (Classical and Contemporary)

Music Editor (Classical and Contemporary)

Music Sales are looking for a Music Editor with particular knowledge of and responsibility for their classical and contemporary music catalogues of Chester and Novello. The position is based in Central London.

The successful applicant will be working as part of a team with the Managing Editor, other editors with specific roles within the structure of the company as well as with the promotional, hire and production and digital production departments; he or she will work closely with the Managing Editor in the efficient administration of the Editorial Department, of the flow and delivery of editorial projects and will assume full editorial responsibilities for a given list of composers/projects, once secure in the company’s editorial standards and systems. The job entails the maintenance of the considerable body of works published by the companies over two centuries. a contribution to the upkeep of orchestral hire material, involvement in the production of new publications and the processing of the material associated with newly published works to meet the requirements of commissions.

Knowledge and experience of music notation, music notation software (esp. Sibelius), with preferably some knowledge of Adobe Acrobat and InDesign as well as general musical and musical historical background will all be necessary contributions to the job. He or she must demonstrate an ability to contribute, on a developing basis, to both the artistic and administrative processing of works and possibly books for publication, to maintain and extend the company’s internal systems and databases as are related to the flow of a project through the Department, to monitor the progress of projects according to print and all-important delivery deadlines. The successful applicant should have an honours degree in Music and be prepared to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

according to experience.

Please send applications with CVs to

Closing date for applications: 20th November 2013