World Premiere for Simon Holt

World Premiere for Simon Holt
© Andrzej Urbaniak

Simon Holt’s new 15-minute work Ellsworth 2, commissioned by the Utah Symphony Orchestra, will be given its world premiere at Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City on April 26 and 27.

This will be a special event as not only will Holt be present in Utah for the first performance of this work, the Utah Symphony is directed by his long-term friend Thierry Fischer who has conducted many of his compositions in the past.

As a composer who seeks art as inspirations for his music, Holt does not stray away from this in Ellsworth 2. The composition is modelled on ‘Painting for a white wall’ by Ellsworth Kelly, a painter Holt holds much admiration for. Reflecting the piece of art, Holt says about the new work...

The painting by Kelly is in 5 distinct sections, all exactly the same size; both width and height. Each one is a separate, clearly defined colour: black pink orange white blue. It’s precisely this kind of clarity that I have tried to aim for in my piece: 5 distinct sections of orchestral colour…

For a lively discussion about the new work and premiere please visit the Salt Lake Tribune website.

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