Two nights to remember in Sabadell and Barcelona

Two nights to remember in Sabadell and Barcelona
© Juan Lucas
Last 5th April at Teatre Municipal La Faràndula, the audience from Sabadell had the opportunity to witness the World Premiere of Benet CasablancasThree Interludes for Orchestra by the Orquesta Simfònica del Vallès. The composer felt literally at home: “It is funny to write music knowing that it will be directed by a good conductor as Rubén Gimeno and for a great orchestra, which is a privilege to have in our city and in the Vallès region.”

One day later, the same program was performed at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona, a double World Premiere for a brilliant piece: “All my works have a more energetic and expressive tone. In this occasion it is more tranquil and the music is being treated as if it was for a big chamber orchestra, where every instrument is treated as if they were on their own.”

This work has received wonderful critics by the press:

It is a sensitive work, an accomplished exercise of expression, never distant, with an air of slow progress, of interior rhythm and underlined by the colour of the winds, predominant in his works, and a string, which seems to be secondary but effective. Textures, contrasts and a certain mystery in the musical language express a dramatic writing that establishes contact with the listener.

Jorge de Persia – La Vanguardia

The music of Benet Casablancas’ Three Interludes follows most of the guidelines shown on other of his compositions: expressive serenity, beautiful orchestral textures, a language, which avoids tonality, a certain stillness of the strings, above which the interventions of the woods flow and a wanted darkness, a reserved intimacy, which bestows a constant feeling of reflexion only cut by a colourist central section. The good work of the Orquesta Simfònica del Vallès under the direction of Rubén Gimeno contributed to the success of the Premiere.

Luís Truñén – Revista Musical Catalana

A symphonic triptych, which presents three resonant landscapes full of contrasts: of calm, of maximum climax and of relaxation, where the percussion and the winds, especially the flute, introduced reflections of light within a general atmosphere of pitch half-light very subtle and abstract. An emotional experience.

Mònica Pagès – Radio Catalunya Música

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