A German Premiere for Ruders

A German Premiere for Ruders
German premiere of Selma Jezkova, an opera based on Lars von Trier's film Dancer in the Dark.

The film Dancer in the Dark, premiered at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, by the Danish director Lars von Trier stars Icelandic singer Björk is the third film of Trier's "Golden Heart Trilogy"; the other two films being Breaking the Waves (1996) and The Idiots (1998). It was shot with a handheld camera, and was inspired by the Dogme 95 look. The reception of the film was polarizing and strong, forcing many critics into praising or condemning the film with its stylistic innovations or questionable storyline.

It was also a great inspiration to Poul Ruders for a new opera who has previously taken two outstanding books for his operas as starting points: The Handmaid’s Tale and Kafka’s Trial. Selma Jezková was premiered in 2010 during the opening season of the newly built opera house in Copenhagen and now the German premiere will be presented at Theater Hagen on April 13 2013 in a new production directed by Gregor Horres with David Marlow conducting.

April 13, 16, 25, May 10, 15, 19, 22, 31, June 20, July 5 and 13 2013

For more information on the production please visit the website of Theater Hagen.

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