Composing LA - New Broadcast from Tarik O'Regan

Composing LA - New Broadcast from Tarik O'Regan
Following the success of the award-winning Composing New York (2010), Tarik O'Regan is back on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 21 August with his latest documentary, Composing LA.

Looking at the Hollywood music scene in the 1930s, O'Regan tells the story of how the tradition of Western classical music, its composers and maestros, underpinned this golden age of film scoring.

Following the story from serious European and Russian composers like Stravinsky and Schoenberg, O'Regan learns how even as early cinema flourished, America was still struggling to find its own authentic 'classical' music. They were looking for one that strived to be equal to the European symphonic sound but that had its own voice too. The film score was precisely that.

Presented by Tarik O'Regan, an émigré composer himself who moved to the US, with contributors including André Previn, Larry Schoenberg, conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen and music writer Alex Ross.

TUESDAY 21 AUGUST 2012, 11.30
Duration 30 minutes.
Produced by Simon Hollis
A Brook Lapping production for BBC Radio 4.