Music With Changing Parts

Music With Changing Parts
© Jim Ball
The Almeida Opera are completing this season with two concerts of key works by the central protagonists of musical minimalism: Philip Glass and Steve Reich. These classic gallery programmes will be curated by Richard Bernas and presented by Almeida Opera in conjunction with Tate Modern’s exhibition, Open Systems in Time.

The first programme spans Riech’s early tape music. The second on 9 July features leading ensemble Icebreaker playing the revival premiere of Philip Glass's epic, confrontational and radical early work Music with Changing Parts, for its first performance in Europe for 35 years.

“Music With Changing Parts was plotted as an evening-length piece and some early performances went on for up to two hours - and [Glass] allows both himself and the players a certain impulsive, almost Romantic, creative freedom that is markedly absent in the stark, formalist rigor of the preceding works.” - Tim Page

More information is available at Almeida Concerts

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