Water Night: New Release from Eric Whitacre

Water Night: New Release from Eric Whitacre
Water Night, the new album from Eric Whitacre , was released on Monday the 16th April. The disc includes seven world premiere recordings performed by the Eric Whitacre Singers, the London Symphony Orchestra, Julian Lloyd Webber and Hila Plitmann. Buy now on Amazon

His music being described by critics as having "unearthly beauty and imagination", Whitacre is quickly becoming one of the most popular composers and conductors of his generation. He first sprang to success in 2008 when his choral CD Cloudburst unexpectedly became an international bestseller, raising expectations considerably for any successive albums. However, Water Night does not disappoint – in fact it goes above and beyond the heights of any expectations.

The title track draws its text from a translated poem of the same name by Octavio Paz. On his website, Whitacre describes the conception of the music (originally for unaccompanied choir) as a "perfect and simple gift", inspired by and dedicated to his mentor Dr Bruce Mayhall. The orchestral version featured on the album is no less passionate, no less sincere; through the delicate dissonance and poignant swells the listener can feel the inspiration and clarity Whitacre experienced as he composed it.

The album features a good deal of variety, from orchestral pieces such as Equus to songs such as Goodnight Moon. Prevalent, however, is Whitacre’s choral writing, showcased in Alleluia and beautifully transposed to string orchestra in The River Cam. The whole album has a very lyrical feel, from the fervent racing of Equus to the introspective Her Sacred Spirit Soars, and all pieces drip with Whitacre’s characteristic harmonic beauty. This is music that can truly transport the listener.

Water Night is bound to be as much of a success as Cloudburst – if not more so; another well deserved triumph for this young composer.

Track Listing
Oculi Omnium
The River Cam
Her Sacred Spirit Soars
Water Night for string orchestra
Goodnight Moon
When David Heard
Sleep My Child

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