Glass at 75

Glass at 75
Philip Glass at 75
Philip Glass is a towering figure of today’s musical life. Best known for his operas and film scores, his seventy-fifth birthday in 2012 offers the perfect opportunity to explore his orchestral works.

Symphony No 8 (2005, 40’)
Days and Nights in Rochina (1997, 20’)

Orchestra with Soloist
Symphony No 6 ‘Plutonian Ode’ (soprano & orchestra) (2001, 45’)
Concerto for Violin (1987, 30’)

Chamber Orchestra
Symphony No 3 (string orchestra) (1995, 26’)

Chamber Orchestra with Soloist
Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (piano & strings) (2000, 28’)

Special Events
Koyannisqatsi orchestral arrangement with Philip Glass Ensemble

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