Glass's Satyagraha - live in cinemas

Glass's Satyagraha - live in cinemas

Philip Glass: Satyagraha

 Live in HD across cinemas internationally
 Performance date: November 19
 Encore US performance: December 7
 Encore Canada performance: January 14

 Conductor: Dante Anzolini
 Starring: Richard Croft, Rachelle Durkin, Kim Josephson, Alfred Walker

 A rare chance to see a 20th-century masterpiece in a shatteringly
 powerful production that has got the opera world buzzing.

How about a bit of contemporary American opera? First performed in 1980, Satyagraha is probably the best-known stage work by cult US composer Philip Glass. While his style is normally described as 'minimalist' - that is, based on repetition and with only the most gradual changes - here Glass writes with greater freedom, though still creating a typically beguiling soundworld with an orchestra consisting of only strings and woodwind. His choice of subject matter is a fascinating one. Based on the arrival of Mahatma Ghandi in South Africa in the early 20th century, the plot tackles issues of race, politics and pacifism. Describing this same production when it appeared at English National Opera in London, The Times wrote that "it's disturbing, inspiring, uplifting. So what more do you want from your opera?"

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