Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
This year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival runs from Friday November 19 to Sunday November 28. The works of several Music Sales composers will be featured at the festival. The UK premiere of Seven Imperatives by Rolf Wallin takes place on November 20 in Bates Hall, Huddersfield performed by Ensemble Resonanz. The Ensemble also perform the UK premiere of Hans Abrahamsen’s Schnee on the same day.
On November 21, Jakob Jullberg (cello) and Peter Herresthal (violin) perform the UK premiere of Telarañas (Spider Web) by Simon Holt. This concert will also feature works by Bent Sørensen and Per Nørgård.

Eldbjørg Hemsing (violin), Einar Steen Nøkleberg (piano), Mats Claesson (electronics), and Asbjørn Blokkum Flø (electronics) perform a series of works by Arne Nordheim in Phipps Hall, Huddersfield on November 25. Works featured are Solitaire , Partita für Paul and Listen .

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