The Unloved

The Unloved

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Samantha Morton’s directorial debut, The Unloved is released on DVD, music supervised by Music Sales
Film & TV.

Directorial debut by Samantha Morton (In America,
Control, Minority Report
), The Unloved taps into the
harsh realities that thousands of children face each
and every day. Lucy (Molly Windsor) is 11 years-old
when she is placed into care in Nottinghamshire’s
Crop Row children’s home after suffering regular
physical abuse at the hands of her violent father
(Robert Carlyle). In the home she is forced to share
a room with 16 year-old Lauren (Lauren Socha) who
after initial hostilities takes Lucy under her wing. What
unfolds is an incredibly grounded view of the British
care system through the innocent, bewildered eyes of a child.

Music Sales Film & TV music supervised the film which has a score by Colleen and features an eclectic mix of songs by artists including Supergrass, Aphex Twin, Patrick Wolf, Stone Roses, Spiritualized and Kathleen Ferrier.

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