Jah Wobble Album Release

Jah Wobble Album Release

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Jah Wobble’s new album Japanese Dub, recorded with the Nippon Dub Ensemble, is out now. It is the follow up to his Chinese Dub album, shifting his influence subtly but fundamentally from China to Japan. You can read all about the project at the 30 Hertz website (http://www.30hertzrecords.com/) and the brilliant reviews below.

Live shows in the UK have been announced for July and August.
For full details visit www.30hertzrecords.com

It starts with high, yelping vocals, a slow, solid beat from the barrel-like taiko drum, and the wail of the hichiriki flute used in Shinto religious ceremonies. Then comes the distinctive rumbling bass that is the trademark of one of Britain's maverick veterans. Jah Wobble is off on his musical adventures once again.
4 stars, The Guardian
Read full review here

Very Zen and dub.
4 stars, The Times
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Not a cut-and-paste job but real English and Japanese musicians getting it on.
The Independent
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The best bits are the most particularly Japanese, from thunderous Taiko drumming to delicate chamber music.
4 stars, Financial Times
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