Per Nørgård at 80

Per Nørgård at 80

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2012 marks the 80th birthday of Per Nørgård. He
is one of the most important and influential Danish composer since Carl Nielsen. In terms of originality and scope, his works are unparalleled in recent Nordic music. His experimental approach to structure led to the genesis of the infinity series;
this serial system is comparable to the symmetrical formations visible in nature.

Nørgård’s musical inspiration is often derived from certain aspects of the physical world, in particular natural wave phenomena. This focuses on interference between several opposing musical layers, whereby in extreme cases chaos contrasts with fundamental order. The poles of chaos and harmony are of equal importance, and the friction
between them is always at the centre of Nørgård's music.

Voyage into the Golden Screen (1968; orchestra)
Symphony No 3 (1972; chorus, orchestra)
Wie ein Kind (1980; chorus)
I Ching (1982; percussion solo)
The Divine Circus (1982; opera)
Violin Concerto No 1 – Helle Nacht (1987; violin, orchestra)

1952-57 – studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and with Nadia Boulanger
1975-82 – Chairman of Danish Composers' Society
1965-95 – teacher and (from 1987) professor at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus
1969 and 2002 – awarded the Carl Nielsen Prize
1974 – awarded The Nordic Council Music Prize
1996 – awarded The Leonie Sonning Music Prize

If you would be interested in discovering more about the music of Nørgård please do not hesitate to contact for further information, perusal scores or recordings.
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