Tan Dun ::::: Schirmer News Spring 2010

Tan Dun ::::: Schirmer News Spring 2010


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Tan Dun
Tan Dun's Banquet on Youtube
The Banquet, behind the scenes
YouTube: Part 1  Part 2  Tan Dun's Hero on Youtube
A still from Hero  ©Miramax Films

Tan Dun in Rome
February 27 - March 2
The Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome premieres Tan Dun's latest concerto for piano and orchestra, based on his score from The Banquet, the 2006 Wuxia-drama, directed by Feng Xiaogang.

Taiwan International Festival

March 26
The closing event at the 2010 Taiwan International Festival will feature the world premiere of Tan Dun's double orchestra versions of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Internet Symphony "Eroica" for western and Chinese orchestras.

World Expo 2010 Shanghai

May 1 to October 31
Tan Dun has been named, Cultural Ambassador to the World for the Shanghai World Expo.

At the World Expo, Tan Dun will premiere a new work, compose ceremonial music and conduct the Trondheim soloists in the Chinese premiere of his violin concerto: The Love, with Norwegian violinist, Catherina Chen.

Krakow Film Fest

May 20
The Krakow Film Festival premieres Tan Dun's Hero Concerto based on his 2002 score for the movie Ying xiong (The Hero) starring Jet Li; the Banquet Concerto will also be presented.


New Releases
Opus Arte DVD   Marco Polo
Nominated for a Grammy
Pierre Audi’s mythical staging… complements [Tan Dun's] own musical direction, forging the dazzlingly versatile soloists, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra to a stunning symbiosis of elements across time and space, a true testimony to cultures intertwined in globalization.
-Arlo Mckinnon
Opera News


First Emperor
Nominated for a Grammy
Melodies spring from the recognizably Asian pentatonic scale, but they feature the long-lined beauty of traditional Western opera, spiked with gnawing dissonances and unexpected leaps. The composer has deep appreciation for sensual beauty, but he is also immensely sophisticated...The evening flew by, propelled by Tan’s ceaselessly inventive, dramatically savvy music....The mélange... is electrifying...
— Joshua Rosenblum,
Opera News.

Opus Arte DVD   Water Concerto
Tan Dun’s hypnotic three-movement Water Concerto is intoxicating, both visually and aurally. Using water as a musical instrument, this extraordinary piece uses innovative techniques to explore the musicality of the sounds of water.  
Opus Arte DVD   Paper Concerto
Paper, normally a utilitarian material, becomes a solo instrument in Tan Dun’s ingenious and inventive Paper Concerto, fusing orchestral music and organic sounds to create accessible, even melodious, music that is almost beyond imagination.   For more information, please contact Peggy Monastra 

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