Lera Auerbach ::::: Schirmer News Spring 2010

Lera Auerbach ::::: Schirmer News Spring 2010


Schirmer NewsNews Web Page The story of the Little Mermaid has captured the hearts of many since its first telling in the 1830s. Myriad artists have paid homage to Hans Christian Anderson’s tale in paintings, films, sculptures, and ballet.

From March 20 – 28, the San Francisco ballet will present the US premiere of Lera Auerbach’s dramatic and modern tribute to this classic in a production of her work, The Little Mermaid, with Hamburg Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer John Neumeier.

In this production, the collaborators tell the haunting tale of two divergent worlds: the serenity and simplicity of underwater life and the complex, often flamboyant lives of humans. The mermaid heroine travels through both worlds, enduring torment as a consequence of her committed love for a prince, but ultimately transcends the pain of her trials through reliance on her own strength. The ballet underlines some of the parallels in the fairytale to those in the biography of Hans Christian Andersen.

In addition to the critical success The Little Mermaid has received, the prize "Benois de la Danse," in the category of "Best Ballerina," was awarded to the solo dancer of the Hamburg Ballet, Silvia Azzoni, for the leading role she played in the production.

In other Auerbach news, the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa and conductor Michiyoshi Inoue will present her Fragile Solitudes for string quartet and orchestra in both Kanazawa and Tokyo from March 21 – 24.

On July 24, the Verbier Festival will present Auerbach on piano in a chamber music program dedicated to her music. Her friends, violinist Leonidas Kavakos, cellist Gautier Capucon, and narrator Marthe Keller will join her for the performance.