Hauschka joins Music Sales

Hauschka joins Music Sales

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Bosworth GmbH, the Music Sales Berlin-based publishing houses, has signed the German based pianist-composer
Volker Bertelmann, whose professional alias is Hauschka.

Hauschka’s music is a magical concoction of sounds connected mainly to his own long-term exploration of the prepared piano and with roots that derive from a disparate range of influences and inspirations – John Cage, modern electronica styles, eastern musical systems and minimalism.

Hauschka tours widely and his reputation is based upon his growing live performance audience – in particular in Germany,
the UK and Japan - and also on a series of fine and varied recordings, most recently on the Fat Cat label. ’Ferndorf’ is
a very good place to start for the uninitiated.

Hauschka will be recording a new album this spring, working for the first time with a large instrumental ensemble. Upcoming performances include an appearance at Kings Place in London on February 25 and then a full UK tour in May.

James Rushton, Managing Director of Chester Music, the Music Sales London-based publishing house, comments that “Hauschka is a rarity - an original with a truly popular touch. It is
a pleasure to work with someone with such an enquiring mind,
and to have the opportunity to journey with him down his new
and always intriguing musical paths.”

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