Barber and Schuman Centenaries :::: Schirmer News Winter 2009

Barber and Schuman Centenaries :::: Schirmer News Winter 2009

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Samuel Barber born 100 years ago, March 9, in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Read the NY Times article about Barber and the Adagio for Strings

Read British musicologist Peter Dickinson's account of his meetings with Barber’s friends and colleagues. The interviews, versions of which form the core of a new book, took place in 1981 for a BBC documentary on the composer. The book is published by The University of Rochester Press.

As the musical community begins to celebrate the centenaries of Samuel Barber and William Schuman — both indelible American musical icons — G. Schirmer is looking to collect your thoughts and impressions and, in general, to build an internet-community celebration of their life and work — on Facebook.

Barber FacebookSchuman FacebookTo post your comments and thoughts about Samuel Barber and William Schuman, pictures from performances, or to just "be a fan," please click on one of these icons to view the respective Facebook Page.As part of our celebration of the centenaries of these American Masters, G. Schirmer has collected audio interviews both old and new. Please click below to listen to these collections.schirmer-dotcom-logo Samuel Barber

Listen to interviews with composer Lee Hoiby, Barber scholar and biographer, Barbara Heyman and an archived interview with Samuel Barber on WQXR as he listens to and discusses his music and reflects on his life and career.

schirmer-dotcom-logo William Schuman

Listen to Dr. Joseph Polisi, The Juilliard School President and Schuman Biographer, detail the life, music and his friendship with William Schuman