Catherine & Igor Stravinsky: A Family Chronicle 1906-1940

Catherine & Igor Stravinsky: A Family Chronicle 1906-1940
Igor Stravinsky was one of the most influential composers of the last century, living his life in the public gaze. In this book, published by Schirmer Trade Books, Théodore and Densie Stravinsky (Igor’s son and daughter-in-law) describe the family life that ran behind the scenes in the years leading up to the Second World War.

The book includes many photos of the Stravinsky family, revealing the gentler side of Igor in the roles of husband to Catherine and father in a large family. This warmth is transferred in the affectionate writing of the authors, and picked up in reviews of the text:

‘Théodore and Denise best describe the moments in family life which would not be known or seen by others, and show the real intimacy and love shared by Catherine and Igor. The book is an easy and warm read which leaves you feeling connected to the family.’ – Alice Lemon, The Works.

On sale now, A Family Chronicle is available from Musicroom

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