Ludovico Einaudi: Nightbook

Ludovico Einaudi: Nightbook

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“A night-time landscape. A garden faintly visible under the dull glow of the night sky.
A few stars dotting the darkness above, shadows of the trees all around.
Light shining from a window behind me. What I can see is familiar,
but it seems alien at the same time. It’s like a dream - anything may happen.”

…This is how Ludovico Einaudi describes his latest work Nightbook, as something transitional between light and darkness, between the known and the unknown. This new album comes three years after the international success of the previous work, Divenire.

Nightbook is released on Decca Records and is accompanied by the following live tour dates

7 December: Auditorium Manzoni, Bologna
10 December: Teatro Verdi, Florence
21 December: Teatro Augusteo, Napoli

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