Das war schön! in Dresden

Das war schön! in Dresden
© Eli Berge
“Wallin's music is spectacular in the good sense of the word. Sound events are staged in a mystical way and with such a plastic vitality, that it seizes your guts. - Julia Schölzel, Bayern 4 Klassik, December 22, 2007”

The percussion concerto Das war schön! by Rolf Wallin has been performed by more than 10 orchestras since its world premiere in November 2006. The success story continues with a performance by Martin Grubinger and the Dresden Philharmoniker under the direction of Dennis Russell Davies on March 21 and 22 of this year.
The work has been released on a highly acclaimed CD by Ondine together with other works by Wallin, Act for orchestra and Tides for six percussionists and orchestra.

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