© Francesco Guidicini
On March 13, the Thomas Dane Gallery will unveil a new art project by artist Kutlug Ataman and Michael Nyman. Entitled 'fff' (an abbreviation of 'found family footage' as well as a musical term), this new ten-screen video installation, with original music by Michael Nyman, will be Ataman's first major exhibition in London since his acclaimed Artangel project in 2005.

'fff' consists of images drawn from home movies made in the 1950s and 60s by two British families. Ataman has appropriated this material and overlaid it with original music composed by Michael Nyman to create ten short films, each with its own individual score. For this work Ataman has reversed the traditional relationship between film and sound by asking Michael Nyman to compose his opus ‘blind’. He then edited a visual sequence according to Nyman’s music.

'fff' will be shown as a vast ten-screen installation, with an overlapping sequence of films beginning and ending at different moments, with several single films playing in canon at any one time. This complex montage of images and music appears as a monumental photograph album.

The exhibition at the Thomas Dane Gallery will follow a one-night-only world premiere of 'fff', with a live performance by Nyman, at a Gala Event at the Whitechapel Gallery in February.

The work can be seen at the Thomas Dane Gallery, London, March 13 2009 – April 18 2009.