Gunther Schuller: Where the Word Ends

Gunther Schuller: Where the Word Ends
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To honor Gunther Schuller’as 80th birthday and thae orchestra’s 125th anniversary, the Boston Symphony commissioned a large-scale orchestral work in 2005. Audiences will finally hear Where the Word Ends at the work’s premiere on February 5 with James Levine at the baton. The four-movement symphony, about 25 minutes in length, is a tour de force of orchestral colors.

“Where the Word Ends is really a description of music,” says the composer. “When we can’t say something anymore — verbally, poetically — music is the language that can continue. Music is words-in-sounds, in a way. When words are no longer able to do it, guess what? Music can take over.”

Listen to Gunther Schuller discuss his newest work.

Gunther Schuller
Where The Word Ends 25'
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