Tan Dun at the Olympics in Beijing

Tan Dun at the Olympics in Beijing
Tan Dun
© Nan Watanabe
Tan Dun at the
Beijing Olympic Games

Tan Dun’s original compositions were chosen by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Committee as the official music for each of the award ceremonies and all competition venues throughout the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

In these compositions, Tan Dun integrates the sounds of 2,400 year-old ancient bronze bells from the Marquis Yi of Zheng (433 BC) with the sounds of jade stone chimes. Tan Dun commented on the music, saying it is “the melding of tradition and innovation. The bells and jade chimes represent the Chinese spirit, which must find a harmonious balance between ancient and modern: Gold Rings Jade Echoes.”

You can see Tan Dun conduct his medal music with the Olympic Orchestra in the Fall edition of Schirmer WebNotes.