Klang! Hamburg with Kaija Saariaho

Klang! Hamburg  with Kaija Saariaho
© Ralph Mecke
The city of Hamburg has chosen Kaija Saariaho to be the first composer in residence of its newly created Klang! project. It is dedicated to creating a network within the existing contemporary music activities of Hamburg-based groups and will very much focus on making contemporary music accessible to new audiences. The season will open on September 28 with a spectacular day on Kampnagel with the NDR Choir singing Tag des Jahrs , Ensemble Resonanz performing Nymphea and children dancing to Journey (from Maa ). In addition, there will be a further education project for professionals, the DVD Prisma will be presented in a unique SONIC CHAIR and various films about the oeuvre of Kaija Saariaho will be on show.

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