Stuart MacRae: Retrospective

Stuart MacRae: Retrospective
© Chris MacRae
On 22 November at Tramway, Glasgow, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra gave a special Composer Portrait concert – a retrospective of the work of Stuart MacRae. The programme featured three of MacRae’s concert works: Stirling Choruses, Portrait II and his iridescent Violin Concerto, with soloist Tedi Papavrami, conducted by Ilan Volkov.

“The craggy Stirling Choruses, filled with brassy evocations of the history of Stirling Castle, formed the rasping, sputtering, yet utterly lucid starting point of a programme culminating in MacRae’s Violin Concerto, surely one of the finest, most eloquent works of its kind since Berg”.
- Conrad Wilson, The Herald 24/11/03

“Stuart MacRae’s music is dramatic, distinctive and imaginative. He crafts works that have a deep sense of purpose and anchors them with a strong emotional identity… One could taste the flavours and feel the music in Tedi Papavrami’s performance of MacRae’s Violin Concerto ..[he] made the music yield itself to him and give up its soul. There is much more of MacRae’s music out there awaiting the same treatment and one hopes that many more will now go out and find it”.
- James Allen, The Daily Telegraph 26/11/03

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