A Registered Patent: A Drummer Inside a Rotating Box

A Registered Patent: A Drummer Inside a Rotating Box
Welcome to the dark, witty world of Juan Muñoz. A drummer on an 8-foot high black podium on a bridge overlooking Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, backed by the distinctive, deadpan voiceover of acclaimed actor John Malkovich…. So begins a surreal live event, A Registered Patent, accompanying the last day of the Juan Muñoz A Retrospective exhibition at Tate Modern.

The piece was originally intended as a radio play to close the exhibition Double Bind in 2001 at Tate Modern, however Muñoz died before its completion. Highly regarded composer Alberto Iglesias (who has worked on soundtracks for Almodovar and Malkovich films among others) and John Malkovich decided to create the work anyway from Munoz's original concept.

During the event recreated for 2008, you will experience a live percussion performance by Toby Kearney, with a recording of Malkovich intoning the wording of a patent about a miniature object.

Exhibition open 18.30 - 20.00 Sunday 27 April 2008, 20.00–21.00

Tate Modern Turbine Hall Bridge
£12 (£10 concessions), booking recommended
Price includes entry to the exhibition
For tickets book online or call 020 7887 8888.