Winona On Tour

Winona On Tour
Winona is a woman without a past and a band with an infinite future. The band's story started when Winona met master musicians Craig Armstrong and Scott Fraser in 2006. The union of Winona and these two softly-spoken Scotsmen , one the most significant film composer of his generation, the other a hugely in-demand player and programmer was unlikely to say the least, but the music they began to produce was immediate, mysterious and mesmeric. Armstrong and Fraser dusted off their collection of vintage synthesizers and set about making widescreen, minor-key masterpieces. Armstrong met French actress Laurence Ashley on the set of Luc Besson’s ‘Kiss Of The Dragon’ and asked her to contribute to the project. Her sensual spoken-word interludes, melting into the voice of singer Lucy Pullin, seamlessly sealed the Winona sound.

Over the coming months, Winona has been asked to perform in France, Ireland, Scotland and Brazil have been confirmed. This series of appearances will be Winona's first and promise to be extraordinary. Live, Winona will be joined by the extravagantly gifted Cobra Killer.

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Tour dates are as follows:

26 Aug 2007 20:00 Rock En Seine Paris, Centre
1 Sep 2007 20:00 Electric Picnic Ireland
2 Sep 2007 20:00 Connect Festival Scotland
26 Oct 2007 20:00 Marina De Gloria Rio
28 Oct 2007 20:00 San Paolo San Paolo