American Orchestral Firsts

American Orchestral Firsts
Is your orchestra looking for a work never heard in the US? A number of titles in our catalogue await their American debuts with your orchestra. Browse this selected collection of recent works. A work or two may fit your seasonal and thematic plans and receive their first US hearing. Contact for more details or perusal material.

Simon Bainbridge
    Diptych (2006) 33'
    2+pic(afl)+afl(bfl).2+ca.3+bcl.2+cbn/4430/4perc/ (

Richard Rodney Bennett
    Reflections on a Scottish Folk Song (2004) 27'
    Cello; str (min.

Avner Dorman
    Ellef Symphony (2005) 19'

    Spices, Perfumes, Toxins (2006) 25'
    Percussion Duo; 3(afl:pic, bfl).3.3(Ebcl:bcl).3(cbn)/

    Violin Concerto (1998) 14'
    Violin; vn, 2egtr, bgtr, syn, dms

Haflidi Hallgrimsson
    Cello Concerto (2003) 25'
    Cello; 2(pic).2(ca).2(bcl).2/2211/timp/1[=2]perc/hp/str

Hans Werner Henze
    Fünf Botschaften für die Königin von Saba (2004) 17'

Simon Holt
    witness to a snow miracle (2005) 22'
    Violin; 2pic+afl.1(ca) (

Stuart MacRae
    Three Pictures (2005) 21'
    2(pic:afl).2(ca).2(Ebcl:bcl).2(cbn)/2200/timp.perc/str (

John McCabe
    Horn Concerto (2006) 24'
    Horn; 2(pic).2.1+bcl.2/2221/timp.perc/hp/str

Thea Musgrave
    Wood, Metal and Skin (2004) 17'
    Percussion; 2222/4331/timp.4perc/str

Per Nørgård
    Symphony No. 6 (1999) 31'

Michael Nyman
    A Handshake in the Dark (2007) 30'
    SATB; 2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4.3.2+btbn.1/pf/str

Poul Ruders
    Shakespeare Songs (2005) 19'
    Mezzo-soprano; 3(pic).3(ca).3(bcl).3(cbn)/4331/2perc/hp/cel/str (

Aulis Sallinen
    Chamber Concerto (2005) 24'
    Piano, Violin; 1(pic).1.1.1/1000/str (min.

Alfred Schnittke
    Nagasaki (1959) 40'
    Russian language texts
    Mezzo-soprano; SATB chorus

    Symphony No. 0 (1957) 30'

Gerard Schurmann
    Gaudiana (2005) 25'

Bent Sørensen
    The Little Mermaid (2005) 27'
    Soprano, Tenor; SA chorus; 0.2(2obda).0+2Ebcl.2(cbn)/4231/2perc/hp/pf/str

Joby Talbot
    Desolation Wilderness (2006) 23'
    Trumpet; 2(pic).1+ca.2(bcl).2(cbn)/2220/3perc/hp/str

John Tavener
    Kaleidoscopes (2005) 30'
    Oboe; 2perc, 8vn, 4va, 4vc, 2db