Thomas: High-Energy Passion

Thomas: High-Energy Passion
"Sun God Dancers." This is the title and translation of Augusta Read Thomas's new orchestral work Helios Choros I, which receives its world premiere on 3 May as Andrew Davis leads the Dallas Symphony in the first of four performances.

"It was my aim in this work to write continuous fast, animated music," Thomas shares. "A simple image for the first part of this piece would be that of a Seurat painting. When one steps back to observe his paintings, Seurat's seemingly tiny dots when viewed up close suddenly transform into new patterns or forms from a distance. Helios Choros I follows that idea with pointalistic, quiet, delicate, sparkling and glistening sounds, which are introduced by two harps, celesta, piano, a variety of bells, with string harmonics and string pizzicatti. These evoke a subtle, playful and ethereal reflection of shimmering points, with a gradual rise in rhythmic, dancing energy. The remainder of the work is high-energy passion, in which blocks of sound-worlds are juxtaposed in an early-Stravinsky-like manner. Various sections are crosscut quickly and very gradually coalesce."

HELIOS: the Greek Sun god, who drives his chariot across the sky from east to west bringing sunshine each day.
CHOROS: the chorus of an ancient Greek drama, which links the audience to the actors, and narrates and/or comments via spoken dialog, song and dance.Helios Choros I is the first part of a 40-minute triptych which premieres over the next two seasons. The next performance in the series takes place in December 2007 when commissioner Orchestre de Paris (led by Christoph Eschenbach) presents Helios Choros III.

Thomas's Dallas agenda also includes a 6 May portrait concert by the contemporary ensemble Voices of Change.

Helios Choros I   15'