Saariaho in the UK

This year the Contemporary Music Network celebrates its 30th birthday. Among the celebrations, the CMN presents ‘a visualised concert’ of chamber music by Kaija Saariaho. From the Grammar of Dreams will includes Messages 1-4, Lonh, From the Grammar of Dreams and several other pieces, with lighting by Liisa Kyronseppa, and with sets and costumes by Raija Malka. The tour takes place November 19-26, and will visit London, Basingstoke, Kendal, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Newcastle. The London Philharmonic Orchestra will feature Saariaho as its Composer in Focus for the 2001/02 season. Works which the orchestra will perform at the Royal Festival Hall are Graal Théâtre (November 24), Aile du Songe (March 6 2002) and Nymphea Reflection (May 19 2002).

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