Joaquin Larregla

1865 - 1945



Larregla studied piano, harmony and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, winning first prize in each of these three disciplines. He was later awarded the professorship in piano at the same Conservatory.

His career as concert pianist began in 1888 in the Salón Romero in the capital of Spain. His career progressed steadily until the beginning of the twentieth century with performances in Madrid and other provinces. His performances garnered great praise from both audiences and critics alike.

Larregla composed an immense amount of music for piano. His famous ‘jota’ ¡Viva Navarra! is perhaps the most famous of his work which also includes religious and popular music, symphonic works and zarzuelas (operettas) and, of course, his unforgettable zortzico.

He was chosen to be a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, and his admission speech, given on 11 November 1906 and seconded by Cecilio de Roda (1865-1912), spoke of the Influence of the Pianist-Composer on the musical and artistic education of their people.

UME/SGAE (Diccionario de la música española e hispanoamericana)


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