Fini Henriqués

1867 - 1940



Fini Henriques was a Danish composer and violinist. He took private lessons with Valdemar Tofte and Johan Svendsen, and studied additionally in Berlin – Niels W. Gade, head of the Royal Danish Academy of Music advised him not to apply to the Academy.  From 1892-96 he was employed at The Royal Danish Orchestra, but left in order to focus on playing chamber music.  

Due to his energetic and often humorous performances as a violin virtuoso, he was very popular in his time. His music is also characterized by a profound understanding of methods of expression and a passion for playing.

Henriques’ most well-known compositions are the ballet Den Lille Havfrue ("The Little Mermaid”) (1909) and Vølund Smed ("Wayland the Smith”) (1896). He also wrote chamber music, songs and other small pieces.    


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