Tadeusz Baird

1928 - 1981



Tadeusz Baird was born in 1928 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. He studied composition with Woytowicz and Sikorski during WWII but also read musicology at the University of Warsaw.
Baird belonged to 'Group 49' - an association of composers whose aim was to produce uncomplicated and expressive music which was closely linked to ideology of the new socialist state. Due to this, Baird's compositions up until 1956-57 were distinctly neo-classical. A more radical approach to his composing became evident with his 12-tone String Quartet.
Baird won many awards including three first prizes at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (1959,1963,1966), the annual prize of the Polish Composers' Union (1966) and the Arts Prize of the city of Warsaw (1970).


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