Josefine Opsahl

b. 1992



Josefine Opsahl is a remarkable composer and artist who connects music, art, performance and spaces in her works. She extends her classical training within music, knowledge of its history, perception of art and self into new medias of expression. 

With a liberating openness to sounds, genre, and the use of electronics Opsahl’s works unfold in the intersection between tradition and renewal, expertise and intuition, the score and the improvised in a search for where musical expression, art, society and we ourselves are headed as beings and creators. 

Her musical skills, creative approach and performative qualities with her main instrument the cello have positioned her, her works and projects as leading forces on the international scene.

Being a conscious, contemporary composer she writes, curates, improvises and performs equally and extends her musical worlds through collaborations with other artists, curators, festivals and spaces beyond the grid of genres and expressions.
This has resulted in commissions for museums, galleries, festivals and occasions such as Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark’s state visit in Buenos Aires (AR) and Berlin (DE), Festival Música Estranha (BR), DEIÀ International Music Festival (ES), Intonal Festival (SE), The National Gallery of Denmark, Golden Days Festival, Thorvaldsens Museum, and the UTZON Centre (DK). 

Her works has been performed throughout Europa, in China, Brazil and Argentina and her album releases have received rave reviews and awards, recently the Round Glass Music Award (US) and the Danish Radio P2’s Listeners’ Prize. 

Josefine Opsahl has given lectures in Shanghai, at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and The University of Copenhagen. She studied classical and contemporary cello playing at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (DK) and Northwestern University (IL, USA) and holds an Advanced Postgraduate Soloist degree within Contemporary Creative Art. 



4th June 2024

Charlotte Thiele, violin
Berlin Academy of American Music
Garrett Keast
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany