Signe Lykke

b. 1984



You always hear beauty when you listen to Signe Lykke's music. Not only euphony, though it is also found in rich measure, but the beauty that makes life interesting and the music indispensable.

Signe Lykke is a trained singer from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and a classical composer from the Trinity Conservatoire of Music in London and the College of Fine Arts in Austin, Texas.
Signe Lykke's debut concert as a composer took place in 2018 at The Royal Academy of Music.

Her wide sources of inspiration range from Stravinsky, Ligeti and Sørensen, to Bowie, Robyn and Byrne.

A focus on the compositional process, the musicians’ and singers' closeness to that process and the final work, helps to give Signe Lykke's music a special aura, that reaches all the way down to the back of the hall during each performance.

Sound, calm and intensity are all words that can be used about Lykke's works. Her music has room for the listener, room for you to let your focus wander in the soundscape and find new fascinating homes.

Signe Lykke has composed music for choir, string orchestra and many chamber ensembles.

In 2022 Signe Lykke was awarded Carl Prisen in the category Composer of the Year, Big ensemble for her first opera Nordkraft.



8th March 2024

Odense Symphony Orchestra
Maria Badstue
Odense Koncerthus, Odense, Denmark