Claus Krumlovsky

1930 - 2000


Luxembourg pianist and composer Claus Krumlovsky was born on December 24th 1930. He studied initially in Luxembourg, and then moved to Cologne where he studied with Hans Anwander and Hans Mersmann. Finally, he studied in Saarbrücken, learning conducting with Karl Ristenpart, composition with Heinrich Konietzky and piano with Alexander Sellier. He was employed at Saarbrücken Rundfunk and RTL Luxembourg, before working as a music teacher in Luxembourg. His works show a strong neo-classical influence, although they also interweave elements of atonality, polyrhythmic structures and serialism. In spite of these major influences and elements, his music is very individual and intelligible. Weber describes his music as ‘vivacious and uncomplicated … demanding for the performer but accessible for the listener’.