Gérard Devos

b. 1927



Born in Lille on February 28th 1927, Gérard Devos was part of a musical family. His mother played the harp for the National Philharmonic Orchestra and he initially followed in her footsteps, becoming an incredibly able harpist himself. He won the first prizes for harp in 1947 under Marcel Tournier, harmony in 1949 under Jacques Presle, fugue and counterpoint in 1950 under Noël Gallon and second prize in composition in 1952 under Tony Aubin. 

In 1947, he won the First Prize at the International Harp Competition in Prague. He also won the First Prize for conducting at the Besançon Competition in 1956. He taught the harp at the Paris Conservatory in 1963 and the conducting class at the Ecole Normale de Musique Paris in 1986-7. Devos has written a number of works featuring the harp, as well as works for other ensembles, notably, chamber orchestra.