Kris Lennox



Kris Lennox studied music at Strathclyde University and the RSAMD before pursuing an independent career as composer and performer.  

As a performer, Kris's early years were musically diverse i.e performances as solo recital pianist, through to performing as lead guitarist in various bands.

Kris also has a keen interest in electronic music/developments therein, and has acted as ghostwriter for a number of commercial acts within the electronic sphere.

Compositionally, Kris's interests are in developing the potential of music beyond current conventions, and blurring the audience/performer boundary. This culminated in 2011 with a public hearing/experience of Kris's pre-recorded work 'Cave', which was composed/recorded to be heard in complete darkness (audio projected through a suspended speaker system). 

Additional to pushing the experiential boundaries of composition, Kris is also pushing the technical boundaries of written composition, having developed various forms of steganographic encryption methods for notated music (i.e treating the notated score as a ciphertext). These encryption methods are set to be published in book format in the near future.

Currently Kris is developing a new form of music/harmony, and is designing and building new instruments (acoustic and electronic) to realise this new musical world (details to follow in the near future/mid 2023).

Outside of music, Kris has a love of the natural world, and has a keen interest in nature conservation/protection.  As a former climber/mountaineer, Kris is particularly concerned with the preservation of the mountainous regions of the UK/Scotland.


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