Gerard Garcin

b. 1947



French composer Gérard Garcin was born on February 13th 1947 in Pertuis, Vaucluse. Unlike many composers, it wasn’t until reasonably late in his life that Garcin finally decided to devote his life to music, despite having shown immense dedication and seriousness in his first musical exploits in the nearby village of Luberon. By the time he had made this decision, he was in the process of studying engineering, but this stopped to be swiftly replaced by the study of music at the conservatories in Toulon and Marseilles with flautists such as Roger Bourdin, Christian Larde and Severino Gazzelloni. 

He came to composition even later. Despite attending hallowed events such as the Darmstadt summer school, it was not until he worked for several years under the watch of Franco Donatoni in Milan and Siena that he really began to come round to a life of composition. Garcin held numerous resisdencies including in Macon, Cherbourg, Charleville Mezieres, Guebwiller and Nantes (France).