Georges Migot

1891 - 1976



Born on February 27th 1891, French composer Georges Migot was renowned for his headstrong individuality as a composer and as a thinker. He began attending the Paris Conservatory in 1909, where he studied composition with Widor, orchestration with d’Indy and music history with Emmanuel. After being badly wounded at the start of the First World War, Migot resumed his studies after a long break. Between 1918 and 1920, he won three composition prizes and in 1921 Migot was awarded the Blumenthal Foundation Prize for French thought and art for the originality and scope of the body of work he had produced thus far. The period of 1920-1939 was a difficult one for Migot, as he constantly felt in opposition to the prevailing trends of neo-classicism in music, writings and discussion. He consistently refused to take influence from fashion trends, instead pursuing his own ideas. In 1949 he began a 12 year period of working for the Paris Conservatory as keeper of the Museum of Instruments. He died on January 5th 1976, near to Paris.


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