Patrick Marcland

b. 1944



Patrick Marcland was born and resides in Paris. He received the Price George Enesco of SACEM. His works have been commissioned by Radio France, Itinéraire, Intercontemporain, Groupe Vocal de France, Ircam, Philharmonie de Lorraine and Musicatreize, and have been played in many countries of Europe, as well as in United States, Latin America and Japan. He has written several original scores for contemporary choreographers, mostly intended for particular musicians or singers performing, such as Odile Duboc, Nadine Hernu, Susan Buirge and Laurence Marthouret. He has also composed several electro-acoustic works, among them Chant de l’Olympe (a collaboration with Gualtiero Dazzi), large electroacoustic fresco, intended for an octophonic diffusion which was recorded on CD, Le roc aux Sorciers, an 18 tracks electro-acoustic environment intended to the facsimile of a Magdalenian fresco and Eclipsis for Viola and trumpet, with electronics, commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain. An "extension” of this work, Eclipsis déployé, for 6 musicians and electronics, commissioned by Ircam, was first performed in 2007 in Paris. His latest work "Soleá”, commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain, will be premiered in Germany in May 2010.

December 2009


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