Jacques Castérède

1926 - 2014



Composer and teacher, Jacques Castérède was born in Paris on 10th April 1926. He studied the piano (winning first prize in 1948), composition with Aubin and analysis with Messiaen at Paris Conservatory and won the Prix de Rome in 1953. In 1960, he returned to the Paris Conservatory as professor of solfège and was later appointed as Professeur Conseilleur aux Etudes in 1966 and professor of analysis in 1971. The highlights of his career include a production of the ballet But in 1963 at the Paris Opéra and the first performance of Le livre du Job in 1966 at the Concerts Pasdeloup. In analysing his style, one can find features of an almost Honegger-like style when one examines a work such as his Prelude and Fugue for strings – the piece is diatonic, but not in a conventional manner, and it has a rhythmic character which at times is almost neo-Baroque whilst at others is far more reminiscent of the energetic 1920s. He passed away in Dijon on 6th April 2014.



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