Viggo Steincke



Viggo Steincke
Born 1951, Denmark

Whether Viggo Steincke inspires or is inspired, it is always with music as the focal point. Through­out the many years of his career as a musician and composer he has written music for everything from anti-litter campaigns to advertisements for banks and anti-depressant pills. Viggo Steincke is in general very interested in exploring the interfaces where music meets reality. He has left his mark on a long succession of projects with a variety of goals and ideologies, and he makes a point of creating and inspiring. This is related to another large part of his musical activity: teaching. Viggo Steincke has become involved in several music-teaching projects for children and the young, including a number of book publications with introductions to music and ideas for playing together. He has played over a thousand school concerts, and is a musical mentor at DJBFA.