François-Adrien Boïeldieu

1775 - 1834



French composer François-Adrien Boieldieu was born in Rouen on December 16th 1775. He composed a large number of operas, leading him to acquire the nickname ‘the French Mozart’. His initial musical education came from the choirmaster and then the organist of his local cathedral. During the French Revolution, Boieldieu lived in Paris and worked as a piano tuner, whilst trying to get work writing operas. Gradually his works were performed and he began to gain a reputation as an opera composer. Later in his career, off the back of this reputation, he was appointed as professor of composition at the Paris Conservatory. He died on October 8th 1834 in Varennes-Jarcy, having lost the ability to speak over the last decade, most likely due to cancer of the larynx.


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