Claude Arrieu

1903 - 1990



Prolific French composer Claude Arrieu was born in Paris on November 30th 1903. She was classically trained from a very early age and became interested in the works of Bach and Mozart. Later she took interest in the work of Igor Stravinsky, but her greatest influences were Gabriel Fauré, Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Initially hoping to start a career as a virtuoso, Arrieu studied at the Paris Conservatory, beginning in 1924. She studied the piano with Marguerite Long, taking classes from Georges Caussade, Noël Gallon, Jean Roger-Ducasse and Paul Dukas. In 1932, she received the first prize for composition. 

From this point forth, Arrieu developed her own personal style, becoming ever more interested in the evolution of musical language and the various technical means available to achieve this aim. In 1949, she won the Prix Italia of the RAI for her work Frédéric Général. She wrote scores in a wide array of genres, including concerti, orchestral works, works for chamber orchestra, music for theatre, film and radio and smaller chamber ensembles. Whatever she wrote, her own personal and original voice was always apparent. A sound with ease of flow and elegance of structure typifies her music with vivacity, clarity of expression and a natural feel for melody. She died on March 7th 1990, having composed a prolific wealth of scores in many genres.