André Ameller

1912 - 1990



André Amellér was born in Arnaville (north-eastern France) in 1912. He studied at the Paris Conservatory, where he won numerous prizes, including those for double bass, orchestral conducting, history of music and composition. He joined the Paris Opera Orchestra as a double bass player in 1937 and in 1953 was appointed director of the Conservatory of Dijon, which became the National Regional Conservatory four years before he left in 1981. From then on, he divided his time between orchestral conducting, composition and the defence of music and musicians. André Amellér has left a very important output in all genres: symphonic, vocal, operatic, chamber, concertos, incidental music, ballets, radio scores, music for wind bands, etc. He died on 14 May 1990. Since 1992 the ‘Association pour la musique d’André Amellér’ watches over the enduring presence of his music.