Bo Gunge

b. 1964



Bo Gunge is a Danish composer. He was awarded a Master of Arts in musicology and drama with a diploma in composition from The Royal Academy of Music in Jutland, where hes tudied with Per Nørgård and Hans Abrahamsen. He has received numerous Danish and international prizes for his compositions. He has also worked with The Danish National Symphony Orchestra, the Southern Jutland Symphony Orchestra as well as the Opera of Jutland. 

Gunge has composed orchestral, scenic, chamber and solo works but his list of works reveal a passion for the human voice. This passion extends to writing pieces for amateurs, and his melody Vær Lidt Varsom is included in Højskolesangbogen ("The Danish Folk High School Songbook”). On his own music, Gunge writes: "The personal aim of my art is to find a way into the new music which avoids the avant-garde and avoids the rejection of it”.    


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