Knud Vad Thomsen

1905 - 1971



Knud Vad Thomsen was a Danish composer known for his well-formed melodies for Danish songs - including Til glæden (1939) and Jeg plukker fløjlsgræs (1951). He graduated as a teacher in 1926 and worked as musical advisor for the schools of Frederiksberg among other administrative posts.

Together with Ingvar Blicher-Hansen and Svend Saaby, he formed a vocal trio called "De Tre fra Radioen” (The Three from the Radio), which became a considerable success. Thomsen wrote music for children’s programmes on the Danish Radio, where he also worked as a director, and was affiliated to Studenterrevyen (the Students’ Revue) for 25 years. In addition to this, he wrote pieces for choir and orchestra.