Ran Blake



Ran Blake, pianist and composer, has performed in major festivals,
concert halls, clubs and universities throughout Europe and the
Americas. He studied with Gunther Schuller for many years. He is a
recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant, and
has won the 1963 RCA Album First Prize and the 1980 Prix Billie Holiday
for his premiere recording. He continues an active performing, teaching,
and recording career in the Boston area and around the world. He is
also working on a book, The Primacy of the Ear, which explores
his fascination with the long-range potential of the ear and how it
affects stylistic growth. Margun Music published a series of Ran's
third stream improvisations and numerous lead sheets. The Trial,
an improvisational chamber work co-composed with Gunther Schuller, is
available from the G. Schirmer Rental and Performance Library.