Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

1732 - 1795



Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach was born on June 21st 1732 in Leipzig. He was the ninth son of Johann Sebastian Bach and was taught music by his father, whilst also receiving tutelage from his distant cousin Johann Elias Bach. He was appointed as harpsichordist at Bückerburg by William, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe in 1750 then went on to become concertmaster in 1759. He wrote a variety of works including, keyboard sonatas, symphonies, oratorios, sacred choral works and operas. Due to Count Wilhelm’s taste for Italian music, Bach had to accordingly adapt his style for appeasement’s sake, but managed to hold on to many of the hallmarks of his father’s and his brother, C.P.E. Bach’s styles. He died aged 62 in Bückeburg on January 26th 1795.


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